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Entre com seus dados e Receba nossas Dicas + desconto no lançamento dos novos módulos para Joomla Rádio !

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... Example:; Warning: Dear friend and customer. Attention! There are scammers in internet, trying copying and cloning my commercial modules without my permission. The ...
Ter, 01 de Fevereiro de 2011
... the time of the program. Time example: 15:00 to 18:00. This information is displayed in front of your site. Scheduling is inserted directly in the admin module, using a predefined small script that follows ...
Seg, 03 de Janeiro de 2011
... number of listeners, is required contact your support Joomla Host to release the port of your radio. For security ( some hosts ) Firewall blocks the connection port of the Stream. Example, stream url: ...
Ter, 23 de Novembro de 2010
... ) - Support on installation and Support questions ! - Updates of modules for up to three months. Demo Example ✔ Good hosting for your Radio ! Buy cheap and popular personal hosting. ...
Seg, 16 de Agosto de 2010
... ). Demo KIT: Joomla WeRádio modules example:   NOTE: Title song to be shown on page, and number of listeners, is required contact your support ...
Ter, 29 de Junho de 2010