Html5 Kessef Rádio Player Bar module

Kessef Player Bar is a responsive  fixed top bar  (  Htlm5 player module ).  For Joomla Rádio. Joomla 3x 

-Works in Firefox, google Chrome, Opera, Explorer, and Mobiles: ( Android, IOS Iphone, Windows ).  Two versions: SSL version or Normal version. 
-Works in Shoutcast V2 and Icecast
-Responsive bar and Color bar
-Transparent player bar and scrolling site down
-Autostart or Not
-Song Title /auto update-ajax refresh, works: curl, fopen
-Automatic DJ Week Scheduler ( dj image, dj name, dj time, dj program )
-Live DJ - manual ( dj image, dj name, dj time, dj program and live skype )
-Automatic rounded DJ image ( Nice ! )




WARNING - Please, read:

Required shoutcast V2 or Icecast. No players HTML5 will work on the Shoutcast V1 version, Google Chrome and I.Explorer announced in December 2016, the END of Shoutcast V1 support. If yours is shoutcast V2 ou Icecast the module Works Perfect, 100% !

Check the your system and request upgrade to your streaming hosting.

Differences: The Shoutcast V1 screen is black, Shoutcast V2 is white. And in the upper right corner is written the version number of the shoutcast. Up to V1.99 It's not V2, ok. And V1 NOT WORKS more in: Google Chrome and Internet Explorer ( all player with HTML5, not only mine, but ALL. In ALL Planet ).

Sorry, Shoutcast V1 it is Outdated, out of line.


The pack includes two zips ( ssl version and normal version ). Please, Unzip before Install.

If you have a secure streaming URL ( https://) , use the ssl version that is inside the zip package.
This version works on all browsers and mobile phones, including Google Chrome.

If you don't have an SSL URL, use the normal version, but the normal version does not work on Google Chrome and other browsers. There is a tendency for new browsers to accept only secure url ( ssl ). Ask your streaming service about your secure url (https://) SSL.

Note 1:
necessary Footer position ( in your template ). Publishing the module in Footer position or another position in the top ( in your template ). Example: header, top1...

Note 2  ( MUSIC TITLE ): For security ( some hosts ) the Firewall blocks connection in your Shoutcast or Icecast Stream port. The module is off (default) not show title of the music in the bar, because before activating show title, you need to check with your hosting, if to port your streaming is open , or the loading page forever, and crashes the player.

Example, stream - the port 8004 should be released / open, by your Joomla Hosting.

Open  100% the port ( firewall ) of your streaming radio  ( in support of your joomla hosting ). It is very necessary.
Or the song name will not be displayed, and block the module.

Note 3:  The player does not work in ACC+, AAC, AAC plus

Note 4: The auto start function the player does not work on cell phones, on mobile is impossible to auto start.


Joomla 3 admin module page:


Price:  $ 20.00 USD



Redistribution and reselling of is NOT allowed.The commercial Module are owned by KessefBr and are protected by copyright law and international treaty provisions. ONE domain support license. The module is automatically sent to your email user paypal, after payment. Jet delivery system! Sometimes may delay a few minutes. Please check your junk box of your email.