Kessef PopUp Rádio ( POPUP RÁDIO )

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KessefPopupRadio - 1.0 version ( exclusive by Kessefbrasil ) opens a popup window with the player of your radio. The listener's website click on the image and the window opens. Easy, beautiful and practical. Very useful, because of its music radio is not stopped on changing the web page !

- color of the player
- Logo of your radio
- Manageable images ( front site and popup )
- autostart, or not
- Dj name and the name of the program
- more Faster !
- Popup continuous play





The correct format of the url in streaming module, is:  IP + PORT + SYMBOL in the end ( /; )

NOT USE: http://

CORRECT example:;

The Best Shoutcast V2 and Icecast Streaming Service, for WebRádios, check:


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ONE domain support license. The module is automatically sent to your email user paypal, after payment. Jet delivery system! Sometimes may delay a few minutes. Please check your junk box of your email.

Price: $ 15.00 USD


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