KessefTop10 ( TOP10 LIST )


kessefTop10 ( Joomla 3x  )
With the Top10 you have a top musiclist on your webradio, of 10 most played songs or most votes. In the admin module you write the name of songs that will be listed in the module, 01-10.

-Color name Titles
-Buttons html5 mp3 player ( works in mobiles )
-Thumbnail Image circle ( band/singer )
-Links in images, or not.
-Support on installation and Support questions !




 Note: manual List. Not automatic.


Note: change the itens in admin ( change in the your joomla admin module ). Top10 for joomla 3.0 Works in Firefox, Google Chrome and Explorer 11.



Redistribution and reselling of is NOT allowed.
The commercial Module are owned by KessefBrasil and are protected by copyright law and international treaty provisions.

ONE domain support license. The module is automatically sent to your email user paypal, after payment. Jet delivery system! Sometimes may delay a few minutes. Please check your junk box of your email.

Price: $ 15.00 USD